{title:She} {subtitle:Charles Aznavour} {soc} The frensh/armenian artist Charles Aznavour made the song "She" for a british TV-series and released it in many languages. It reached top of the lists in England in 1974. It was used as title track from the movie "Notting Hill" with Julia Roberts and Huge Grand, then performed by Elvis Costello. {eoc} {c: Intro} [C] [C/E] [F] [F/G] [G] {c: Verse 1} [C]She may be the face I can't for[Ebdim]get The trace of pleasure or re[F]gret May be my treasure or the [C]price I have to [A7]pay [F]She may be the song that summer [Fm6]sings May be the chill that autumn [C]brings May be a hundred different [Dm7]things Within the [Dm7/G]measure [G7]of a [C]day [Dm7/G] [G] {c: Verse 2} [C]She may be the beauty or the [Ebdim]beast May be the famine or the [F]feast May turn each day into a [C]heaven or a [A7]hell [F]She may be the mirror of my [Fm6]dreams The smile reflected in a [C]stream She may not be what she may [D7]seem In[Dm7/G]side [G7]her [C]shell . {c: Instrumental} Som første vers, men ligg på C til slutt {c: Bridge} [Ab]She who always seems so happy in a [Eb]crowd Whose eyes can be so private and so [Db]proud No one's allowed to see them [C]when they cry [Fm]She may be the [Bb]love that cannot hope to [Eb]last May come to [C]me from shadows of the [D7]past That I'll re[D/F#]member till the [Dm7/G]day I [G]die {c: Verse 3} [C]She may be the reason I sur[Ebdim]vive The why and wherefore I'm a[F]live The one I'll care for through the [C]rough in ready [A7]years [F]Me I'll take her laughter and her [Fm6]tears And make them all my souve[C]nirs For where she goes I've got to [D7]be The meaning [Dm/G]of my [G7]life is {c: Ending} [F]She, [C]She, [F]oh[Fm/D] [C]she.