{title:Einn} {subtitle:Ask Embla} {soc} The group Ask Embla consists of Norwegian Ina Wroldsen and Icelandic Arnthor Birgisson. In 2013 they released the album "Northern Light" with eg. the song "Einn" which is icelandic for "one". Wroldsen and Birgisson have individually and together written songs for eg. One Direction, Britney Spears, Shontelle, Jennifer Lopez and Pussycat Dolls. {eoc} {c: Intro} [Ab] {c: Verse 1} There will be [Ab]day, There will be [Eb/Ab]night The world will [Db/Ab]turn, There will be [Ab]light Because the [Db/Ab]sun, will never [Fm/Ab]care For all of [Eb/Ab]us, it's only [Ab]us {c: Verse 2} There will be [Ab]time, And time will [Eb]pass It's only [Db]pain, That makes it [Ab]last Because the [Db]time has none to [Fm]fear Like all of [Eb]us, It's only [Ab]us {c: Chorus} Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn {c: Verse 3} And when my [Ab]light, Has found her [Eb]rest I'll know that [Db]I, I have been [Ab]blessed I was a [Db]part, I'll still be[Fm]long To all of [Eb]us. To all of [Ab]us {c: Chorus} Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn ah Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn {c: Verse 4} We hold our [Ab]breath, And try to [Eb]keep An open [Db]mind, To numb the [Ab]grief And we are [Db]strong, But I am [Fm]weak Outside the [Eb]ice, Outside of [Ab]us {c: Chorus} Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn Ei[Db][Ab]nn Ei[C][Fm]nn {c: Instrumental (chorus)} [Db][Ab] [C][Fm] [Db][Ab] [C][Fm]