Illustration photo of a sea shore

Have we forgotten to wonder?

We know a little bit, but most of it is just theories and speculations.
Don't forget that we are experiencing a magical wonder that none of us can really explain.

A puzzle piece

It's always a gift to learn something new.

Every time I learn something new, I want to tell others about it.

On this website I will put up articles about things I've learned.

I'll be glad if you can learn something new.


My native language is Norwegian, but I am attempting to write some articles in English.

Want to play the Piano?

Have you ever wanted to play the piano? If you give me one hour I will show you the most important things. Maybe it's easier than you think.

Les mer..

Lyrics with Chords

If you play guitar or piano I guess you have been searching the web for lyrics and chords. Here you can find my versions of lyrics with chords for some songs.

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About me

Photo of Svein Waade on stage


After my education as an engineer I started the IT company WIS back in 1990. Yes, it was before Windows, the internet and mobile phone. We are now 10 people who develop software for businesses across the country.

Volunteer organizations

I've had the pleasure to contributing in start up and running several organizations, and has learned a lot from that.


I have played clarinet and flute in bands and been singing i choires. I've been conducting many different choires and bands. And I play the piano in events and sing when I have the opportunity.

And some more

Sometimes I participate in events to share experiences and try to give some inspiration when needed.