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If you play guitar or piano I guess you have been searching the web for lyrics and chords. Here you can find my versions of lyrics with chords for some songs.

My own little collection

During the years I have played piano in singalongs, in bands or to solists or my self in concerts, shows, weddings, funurals ond other events. I use lyrics and chords. If you don't know how to play the piano by chords, you can learn it in about an hour. But you will need lyrics and chords. I have listened to many songs and tried to find the right chords. These lyrics and chords I will share with you.

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1. Correct lyrics and chords

The problem is that the lyrics and the chords you find online sometimes are bad or wrong. I search in songbooks and the web using the song title and "lyrics" or "chords". But often I end up listening to the song on a music streaming service or Youtube, and try to figure out the right chords. You can play the same song wiht simple or advanced chords. I guess I try somwhere in between, and if it's to hard in the beginning, you can just skip some chords.

2. Accurate placement of chords

When I play it's important for me that the chords are placed in the lyrics exactly on the right word or letter. Then it's mutch easier to play the song correctly. But in many places online the chords are just spread out on the line of lyrics, and it's hard to know when to change chords. I write my songs in a format called "chordpro". Here the chords is written in the lyrics exactly where it should be played, like this:

[C]Chestnuts [Dm7]roasting on an [Em]open fire[Fmaj7][G7]
[Gm7]Jack Frost [C7]nipping at your [Fmaj7]nose[Fm6][E7]
[Am]Juletide [Fm6]carols being [Cmaj7/G]sung by a [F#m7]fire[B7]
And [Emaj7]folks dressed [Fm7]up like [Bb7]Eski[Ebmaj7]mos

Then I made a program on my webpage that move the chord above the lyrics on the right place, and then it looks like this:

The Christmas Song

3. Adjusts to screen width (responsive)

I have made support for showing the lyrics and chords in smaller screen like tablets and mobile phones. It's important that the chord follow the lyric even when the line is to long and have to breake. I haven't found many songs online that can handle this.

4. Correct transposing

In my system you can transpose the song. That means you can "move" the song up or down so it will be easier to play or better match the singers voice. The most common way is to choose to transpose a given number of steps up or down. But the problem is that C# and Db is the same tone and chord, but they shouldn't be mixed together. So in my system you choose which key you want, and you wil automatically get the right chords. So if you play in F-major you have Bb instead of A#.

5. Information and links

I've put in a little information about each song and links to resources that can be helpful for you. I recomend you try to play together with the music I have linked to. Also I have made categories (tags) so you can easier find what you are looking for.

6. Free and no ads

You can use it all free and there are no disturbing ads. I have no income of any of this - it's just one of my hobbies.

7. Rights

It's a good rule to never publish something you don't own or have made yourself. I have no right to publish the songs in my archive, but this is how I think about it:

  1. At the top of each song I credit the people behind the song (composer, author, translation)
  2. I try to get the lyrics and chords as correct as possible
  3. These lyrics and chords are already a lot of places on the web (and often wrong in different ways)
  4. I hope to inspire people to play and use the music
  5. I never charge for anything
  6. I will remove the song immediately if someone whith rights wants me to

Good luck

I hope that this small archive of lyrics and chords can helt you to enjoy playing.

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