Bridge Over Troubled Water

{title:Bridge Over Troubled Water} {subtitle:Paul Simon} {soc} American folkrocksong, written by Paul Simon. It was recorded in 1969 and released on singel by Columbia Records january 26th 1970. Bridge over Troubled Water was besides the title on Simon and Garfunkel's last album. Producers where Roy Halee, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. {eoc} {c: Intro} [Eb][Bb][Ab][Adim][Eb/Bb][Csus4][C] [Ab][Abm6][Eb][Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb] {c: Verse 1} When you're [Eb]weary, [Ab/Eb] feeling [Eb]small, [Ab] When [Db/Ab]tears [Ab]are [Eb]in[Ebmaj7] your [Fm]eyes, I'll [Eb]dry them all. [Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb] [Eb] I'm [Bb/D]on [Cm]your [Bb]side, [Bb7]oh, when times get [Eb]rough,[Eb/D][Eb/Db] [Eb]And [Fm]friends [Eb7/G]just [Ab]can't [F7]be [Bb]found, [Eb7]Like [Eb7/G]a [Ab]bridge [Adim]over [Eb/Bb]troubled [Csus4]water,[C7] [Ab] I will [G]lay me [Cm]down, [Eb7]Like [Eb7/G]a [Ab]bridge [Adim]over [Eb/Bb]troubled [Csus4]water,[C7] [Ab] I will [Abm6]lay me [Eb]down.[Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb] {c: Verse 2} When you're [Eb]down and out, [Ab/Eb] when you're on the [Eb]street, [Ab] When [Db/Ab]eve[Ab]ning [Eb]fal[Ebmaj7]ls so [Fm]hard, I will [Eb]comfort [Ab/Eb]you.[Eb][Ab/Eb] [Eb] I'll [Bb/D]take [Cm]your [Bb]part, [Bb7]oh, when darkness [Eb]comes,[Eb/D][Eb/Db] [Eb]And [Fm]pain [Eb/G]is [Ab]all [F]a[Bb]round, [Eb7]Like a [Ab]bridge [Adim]over [Eb/Bb]troubled [Csus4]water,[C7] [Ab] I will [G]lay me [Cm]down, [Eb7]Like [Eb7/G]a [Ab]bridge [Adim]over [Eb/Bb]troubled [Cm]water, [Ab] I will [G]lay me [Cm]down. [Cm/B][F7][Eb/Bb][Bb][Ab][Cm][Ab][Abm6] [Eb][Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb][Eb][Ab/Eb] {c: Verse 3} Sail on [Eb]silver girl, [Ab/Eb]sail on [Eb]by, [Ab] Your [Db/Ab]time [Ab]has [Eb]come to [Fm]shine, all your [Eb]dreams are on their [Ab/Eb]way. [Eb][Ab/Eb] [Eb] See [Bb/D]how [Cm]they [Bb]shine, [Bb7]oh, if you [Eb]need a friend,[Eb/D][Eb7/Db] [Eb]I'm [Fm]sai[Eb7/G]ling [Ab]right [F]be[Bb]hind, [Eb7]Like a [Ab]bridge o[Adim]ver [Eb/Bb]troubled [Cm]water, [Ab] I will [G]ease your [Cm]mind, [Eb7]Like [Eb7/G]a [Ab]bridge o[Adim]ver [Eb/Bb]troubled [Cm]water, [Ab] I will [G]ease your [Cm]mi[Cm/B][F][F/E]nd[Eb] [Cm][Ab][Abm6] [Eb]