The moon's a harsh mistress

{title:The moon's a harsh mistress} {subtitle:Jimmy Webb.} {soc} This song by Jimmy Webb is sung by many artists, but the norwegian jazz-singer Radka Toneff with pianist Steve Dobrogosz has been my absolute favorite. {eoc} {c: Verse 1} See her how she [Gb]flies [Dbmaj7/F] Golden sails across the [Ebm]sky [Dbmaj7] [Gb]Close enough to [Ab]touch But [Db/F]careful if you [Gbmaj7]try [Ab] Though she [Ab/Gb]looks as warm as [Bbm]gold [Bbm/Ab] [Bbm/Gb] The [Db/F]moon's a harsh [Ebm]mistress [Bbm] The [Bbm/Gb]moon can be so [Bbm/Gb]cold [Db/F] {c: Verse 2} Once a sun did [Gb]shine [Fm] Lord it felt so [Ebm]fine [Db] The [Gb]moon a phantom [Ab]rose [Ab/Gb] Through the [Fm]mountains and the [Gbadd2]pine [Ab] And [Ab/Gb]then the darkness [Bbm]fell [Bbm/Ab] [Bbm/Gb] The [Fm]moon's a harsh [Ebm]mistress [Bbm] It's [Bbm/Ab]hard to love her [Gbmaj7]well [Ebm][Db] {c: Instumental (down)} [C] [F9] [Cmaj7/E] [Am] [Dm] [C] [F] [Gsus4] [G] [Cadd2/E] [F] [G/F] [Am] [Am/G] [Am/F] [C/E] [Dm7] [Am] [Am/G] [F] [C/E] {c: Verse 3 (down)} I [Badd2/Eb]fell out of his [Emaj7]eyes [Badd2/Eb]I fell out of his [Dbm7sus4]heart [E/Gb][Badd2/Gb] I [E]fell down on my [Gb]face I [B/Eb]tripped and I missed my [Emaj7]star [Gb] I fell and fell a[Abm]lone [Abm/Gb] [Emaj7] The [B/Eb]moon's a harsh [Dbm]mistress [Abm] The [Abm/Gb]sky is made of [Emaj7]stone The moon's a harsh [Abm]mistress She's hard to call your [E/B]own [B]